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Documentation to Taskforce Committee

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The CPA was featured on a recently episode of Joe.ie’s GGA Hour… Listen below

Fixture Plans

CPA Taskforce Proposal No. 6

CPA Taskforce Proposal No. 7

CPA Taskforce Proposal No. 7 Calendar

CPA Fixture Principles

Plan Green

Plan Purple

Plan Purple Plus

The CPA was featured on a recently episode of Joe.ie’s GAA Hour… Listen below



Club Players Association withdraw from GAA’s fixtures task force

THE CLUB PLAYERS Association have withdrawn from the GAA’s Fixtures Calendar Review Task Force a matter of days before the body is due to deliver its recommendations to GAA hierarchy for a revamped calendar. According [...]

CPA withdraws from task force and criticises GAA

The Club Players Association has withdrawn from the task force established by the GAA to review the fixture calendar, alleging that its raison d’etre is to "ratify the status quo" of the inter-county football calendar [...]

CPA was never welcomed by the GAA, says Griffin

Club Players Association (CPA) executive member Liam Griffin claims the body was “never welcomed” by the GAA. Citing the official recognition motion which was withdrawn before being defeated at Congress 2017 and the transparency proposal [...]

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