Excerpt from Newstalk, all credit to Raff Diallo.

The Club Players Association have confirmed that they will have their official launch in the New Year

After a meeting in Croke Park, the body have confirmed that they will launch at an as yet unnamed GAA club on January 9th.

They also confirmed that GAA players seeking to register will be able to do so for free and without a membership charge.

In a statement, the CPA said: “The official launch of the Club Players Association will take place on 9 January. The venue for the launch will be a GAA club.

“Registration for all GAA players will be free, there will no membership charge to players or payment to any members for services to the CPA.

“At the launch the CPA will announce details of the player registration process and player representation.”

Declan Brennan, who is part of the group behind the formation of the Club Players Association, outlined the key areas he hopes to deal with regarding the issues that affect GAA club players in the modern day.

“Following the launch, the CPA will represent the Club Players’ perspective and ensure the players have a voice at club, county, provincial and national level. We have encouraged players to get involved in their club committees, emphasizing the GAA belongs to all of us equally,” he said.

“The aim here is a meaningful programme of competitive games for all club players. We appreciate all the feedback provided so far to us, representing the full spectrum of views within the GAA.

“Hopefully the outcome will be a better GAA for all of us, volunteers, players, administrators and supporters. The last few weeks have highlighted a series of the issues causing players serious concern.”

Brennan spoke to Newstalk in October as talk grew regarding the creation of an association to represent club players.

In that interview, he said: “From my point of view, players are physically and mentally drained. The people that are winning have no problem saying ‘everything’s fine, fantastic’. But there are a lot of people losing games throughout the country, and I think we’re losing a lot of players from 15 years of age to 30 years of age, either from serious injury or burnout etc.”


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