Excerpt from the Irish Independent, all credit to Colm Keys

The newly formed Club Players Association is to seek official recognition from the GAA at Congress in February

The body, set up last month to address the growing concerns of club players across the country, has drafted a number of motions which will be submitted by four to five clubs to county conventions in the coming weeks.

One motion will seek to amend Rule 3.58 which allows for recognition of the Gaelic Players Association as the official representative body for senior inter-county players by adding that the CPA is the official body for club players at all grades eligible to play for adult teams.

The CPA are also behind a motion calling for any inter-county player who “has not featured in a cumulative total of more than 30 minutes across three consecutive inter-county competitive matches shall be granted the option, without prejudice, to make themselves fully available for their club’s next competitive fixture to ensure adequate playing time”.

An amendment to the appendix in the rule book governing club constitution and rules will seek to have player representative numbers on an executive committee doubled from one to two.

The CPA are seeking official recognition in the belief that it will enable players to engage with all other GAA stakeholders on an equal footing, allowing for meaningful discussions at county, provincial and national level.

They feel it is the first step in the voice of the club player being heard.

The cumulative 30-minute motion is aimed at restoring balance and could trigger the release of quite a number of players to their clubs in these circumstances.

But the CPA wants players to take a more integrated role in decision-making too and that’s why it is seeking to double representation on club executive committees.

The CPA has already had a gathering in Croke Park and have met with leading GAA administrators.

Irish Independent

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