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  1. Scheduling
    Each county to publish their entire Club fixtures schedule at start of each season, with guarantees from the County Board that it will not change. All-Ireland competitions must be completed in the calendar year.
  2. Continuity
    A regular and meaningful programme of matches is guaranteed for ALL club players from April to September
  3. Availability
    County Players will be available for all championship matches and the majority of leagues games.
  4. Contingency
    All counites must have an agreed match protocol in the event of bereavement or unforeseen circumstances.
  5. Health
    Fundamental principles of health, rest and recovery to be upheld in all counties. For example, there should be a least 6 days between competitive club games. There must be a defined pre-season, active season and closed season for all codes and grades.
  6. Empathy
    Club matches to be scheduled on days other than Sunday for a minimum agreed number of weekends, to allow club players leisure time. No scheduling of club matches on Bank Holidays or Public Holidays.
  7. Transparency
    County management and club management to sign up to a Fixtures Charter to observe rules & fixtures programme, as determined by the Rulebook.
  8. Competition
    Any changes to inter-county structures should include a ‘pathway of improvement’ for ‘weaker’ regions/counties.