Frequently Asked Questions

There is no fee to join the CPA. Please contact your local County Co-ordinator to get a form or go to the registration page by clicking here to register now.

The CPA is grateful for the support of a number of people and organisations who have provided their services on a pro bono basis so far. As commitments increase, the CPA will explore sponsorship arrangements to help advance the key objectives.

No. Everyone involved in the CPA is a volunteer and will not receive payment for their time and contribution. Some vouched expenses may be covered but there will be transparency for any money spent.

While sorting out the fixtures mess is the primary objective, the CPA will be led by feedback from its members about what other areas require support e.g. insurance, facilities etc.

No. As the Camogie and Ladies Football Associations reside outside the GAA, the CPA does not claim to represent their players. However, female coaches, supporters and administrators are encouraged to join.

The CPA would like to work collaboratively with the GAA to facilitate a mutually beneficial solution. The CPA will try to influence the GAA through all appropriate channels e.g. Croke Park, Provincial Councils, County Boards and Clubs. The CPA will support good ideas and will push back against bad ones.

Absolutely. County players are club players too. The CPA wants to ensure that county players are available to their clubs for the majority of meaningful club matches.

Your registration will confirm that the status quo is unacceptable and that change is required. The CPA will have an ongoing dialogue with its members to represent their views as accurately and effectively as possible.

The Club Players Association (CPA) is a volunteer association that was established to help resolve the GAA fixtures crisis. The CPA is committed to delivering an unchangeable, meaningful and balanced fixtures programme within a defined season – for both club and county competitions.