Former Wexford manager Liam Griffin believes the GAA’s will to help club players has been sabotaged by the structure of the association.

The 1996 All-Ireland winning boss, who is the Club Players Association’s hurling fixtures co-ordinator, considers the democratic model of the GAA to be “faulty”.

It’s regularly stated by Croke Park that clubs have the ability to make changes at Congress every year, playing rules every five years, but Griffin questions the veracity of that point.

“You’ve got to go to your club and then the club goes to the county. (Former Galway hurler) Eanna Ryan lost an eye playing hurling. I immediately went to my own club, got a motion passed that everyone should wear a helmet and a faceguard.

“I never heard another word about it. I understood it was shot down because someone at Congress said: ‘Oh, that will be an insurance issue if they don’t wear it so that can’t go’.

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