October 2017

I am writing the below in response to Kildare’s CCCC total lack of respect for Player welfare. Our CCCC fixed the U-17 Summer league hurling final for Friday the 20th October; the U-17 football (2pm) and the U-21 hurling (4 pm) the next day, Saturday the 21st; and they fixed the U-21 football for Sunday October 22nd. All  these games were in different locations, with some of the same teams involved. As a result they were expecting 10 lads to play 4 games in three days.

They eventually agreed to cancel the U17 match on the Friday night but some players were still being asked to play 2 matches in the space of 90 minutes. It was down to pure luck that the weather that weekend got Kildare CCCC off the hook with the Saturday games getting postponed.

The U21 hurling was re fixed for the following Friday night and was sent in the official fixtures on Monday the 23rd but late on the 24th our club secretary was informed that this was cancelled and would be re fixed for a later date but no reason was giving. Due to the late notice several of our players had shifts moved to play this game and as a result are down an evenings pay, which being in college makes a huge difference.

This has now been re fixed for Wednesday the 1st of November and as a result 5 players are unavailable due to the fact they are down the country in college and also have college games as well that night.

While I accept that the window for fixtures is getting smaller I just feel the Kildare CCCC see these as an inconvenience and want them run off at whatever the cost and don’t give a damn about player welfare.


Shane, Kildare 

October 2017

Recently won the Senior B Hurling Championship. Have to play the Intermediate Champions to see who represents Dublin in Leinster. This game has been fixed for a football week. Fixtures below: Sat 29th Oct – Leinster playoff – 3:30pm Sun 30th Oct – Senior B Football Championship semi-final – 11am & AFL5 Promotion Play-off final – 11am Wed 1st Nov – AHL2 League – 7:30pm (refixed from original plan) Sat 4th Nov – Leinster Quarter Final 2pm (If progress) 4 games in 7 days. County Board refusing to change fixtures.

Dual Club Player, Dublin

October 2017

Recently won the Senior B Hurling Championship. Have to play the Intermediate Champions to see who represents Dublin in Leinster. This game has been fixed for a football week. Fixtures below: Sat 29th Oct – Leinster playoff – 3:30pm Sun 30th Oct – Senior B Football Championship semi-final – 11am & AFL5 Promotion Play-off final – 11am Wed 1st Nov – AHL2 League – 7:30pm (refixed from original plan) Sat 4th Nov – Leinster Quarter Final 2pm (If progress) 4 games in 7 days. County Board refusing to change fixtures.

Dual Club Player, Dublin

October 2017

Hi lads, just want to message to let ye know a situation arising in Galway at the minute. I play for st James gaa club in Galway city. We were due to have a junior a county final today against corofin. As of this morning it has been called off, I’m presuming due to the weather. The funny thing us the intermediate county semi final due to be played after our match has of now not been called off! So what is the reason for cancelling our match? Moving on from this the county board have then just decided to re schedule the match for tomorrow Sunday 22nd of October, just 24 hours later than the original fixture! So how are they expecting the pitch to be any better 24 hours later? Not only this but we will be forced to tog out without key players who had commitments already made, changed worked days to accommodate the original date. I know there is nothing ye guys can do directly but I would really appreciate if you could highlight this case as I have the found the Galway county have shown complete disregard and disdain towards the club player in Galway once again. Do not forget were knocked out of championship in football at the end of July, so why is the final only being played now anyways.

Ruairi, Galway

October 2017

Please see below regarding Mayo fixtures: The replay of the Mayo County Senior football semi-final between Castlebar Mitchels and Garrymore will be played at 8pm on Wednesday evening in Elvery’s MacHale Park, Castlebar. The winners will take on Ballintubber in the senior county final on Sunday at 3.30 at MacHale Park – that will be preceded by the Mayo Intermediate football final between Kiltimagh and Bohola Moy Davitts at 1.30 pm. The senior relegation final between Ballinrobe and Davitts will be played on Saturday evening in the Connacht Centre of Excellence at 7pm. The Mayo Junior B final sees Kilmovee Shamrocks taking on Moy Davitts in the Connacht Centre of Excellence at 8pm Friday evening, while at the same location on Saturday evening at 6.30, Kilmaine and Moygownagh go head to head in the Junior C final. The Mayo Senior Hurling final sees neighbours Tooreen and Ballyhaunis meeting on Saturday at 4pm in Tooreen.

Sean, Mayo

September 2017

B league final fixed for Friday 29th cancelled on Thursday 28 of September. This shows complete lack of respect for the competition and more importantly for the players,by the county board. Numerous players had made arrangements to get off work for that night. Our b league team has a lot of younger lads that work part time at the weekends. This team also has a few lads that are borderline with their commitment to football. Good lads who would be great to get fully on board but this fixture mess just makes trying to win them over harder. It’s just very disappointing and unfortunately it’s what I’ve come to expect from the county board. Nothing shocks me anymore.

Mark, Meath

September 2017

Following Éire Óg Greystones’s win in the county senior hurling quarter final last weekend we were informed that the semi final has been fixed for Saturday the 23rd of September, the day before the club’s football county quarter final replay against Baltinglass on the 24th of September, leaving less than 24 hours for preparation or recovery.

As there are a large number of players involved with both panels, we as a club indicated our unhappiness at this decision to the Wicklow County Board.

As a solution we suggested that the county hurling semi final be pushed back one week to October the 1st  to allow the matches be played on separate weekends. Unfortunately our request was turned down. We were informed by the County Board that the hurling championship would not be delayed as there is a half time Golden Jubilee celebration planned around county hurling final date.

We feel the County Board’s decision shows complete disrespect to players from both panels who have trained since January, their decision also flies in the face of player welfare issues.

Since September the 2nd Éire Óg Greystones hurling/football teams have been involved in the 5 games in 3 weeks.

To be told that players will be expected to play two of the clubs biggest games of the year in the one weekend is both difficult to comprehend and extremely frustrating.

September 2017

The Kildare Adult Championships were thrown into disarray on Saturday when Confey and Round Towers drew in the senior football championship. The draw meant that the draw for the senior football quarter finals didn’t proceed.

Time is tight, games need to be played, so the decision was taken to throw the Senior Hurling Championship under the bus and bring those semi-finals forward a week – with just a week’s notice!

Consultation with clubs was tokenistic at best, if it occurred at all. The notification for these changes was sent to clubs just before 11am on the morning of the All Ireland Hurling final, quite possibly in the hopes that nobody would notice.

The four clubs in the Senior Hurling Semi Finals have mounted objections, but as the semi-final fixture was only in “draft” form, those objections have been found groundless because as of the official fixture release on Monday September 4th, those semi-finals are due to take place the following Sunday. End of story!

Celbridge have players that will play 3 senior hurling championship games in three weeks plus senior and intermediate football fixtures. Confey will play three senior championship games across both codes in 8 days.

What message does that send to their dual players? Why are they not seen to be valued by those who make fixtures? How is their welfare being taken into consideration by such a decision?

Why was there no published fixture calendar in Kildare earlier in the year? It’s very much a case where by the CCC are hiding behind the “all fixtures are provisional” mantra.

There doesn’t appear to be anyone listening to clubs now because the silence is deafening.

Niall, Kildare

September 2017

Club knocked out of Intermediate Championship on April 17th. No back door or round robin. Next Championship game in District Board Championship to be played in mid October or November! 6 months later at least. Madness.

Mike, Kerry

September 2017

This story is more the frustration my fellow club mates had to endure all summer. We played first round championship in the first weekend of May. I then went travelling for 4 months in South America and am now back to play second round championship next weekend. We do have 2 players on the county hurling panel so this contributed to games being postponed but this length is no excuse to go without a competitive game.

For me I can’t complain this year but this is the same story every year in Waterford!

Ciaran, Waterford

September 2017

Issue relates to fixtures in the Westmeath SFC. Basically, at the start of the year all clubs were provided with a master fixture list for all competitions. For championship, the five group games were played as originally scheduled, including the final two games which were played within 5 days of each other (i.e. Tue 22 Aug and Sat 26). There were no playoffs required after the group, with 6 teams advancing to the knockout stages. The quarter final had originally been scheduled for 3 weeks after the final group game (16/17 Sep), with the semi final 2 weeks later (30 Sep/1 Oct) and the final a further 2 weeks later (14/15 Oct). It was announced on 3 Sep that the schedule is to be changed, with the quarter final pushed out by 1 week (to 24 Sep), the semi final by 2 weeks (to 15 Oct) and the final by 2 weeks (to 29 Oct). To the best of my knowledge, I do not believe any official reason has been communicated for this change in schedule. I do however understand that at least 3 players from the St Lomans club (who have qualified directly for the semi final following finishing top of their group) had arranged to travel to a wedding in Australia and would have missed the originally scheduled semi final date. With the change in fixtures, these players will now be available for the semi final. Frustration lies with the late change in the original fixtures (which all clubs & players have been planning around), apparently to suit a small number of players at one particular club.

Stephen, Westmeath

September 2017

HI Fellas,

Come out of the box put there for the purpose of frustrating all members from expressing a democratic opinion.

Start thinking outside the box.     Start with printing the two gaelic games articles by Colm O ROURKE AND JOE Brolly of SUNDAY  INDEPENDANT

13th August 2017

Have them hung in every GAA dressing room and club room in the country before they fasten down the lid on the box.

Then request all CPA MEMBERS to attend their club AGM and vote into positions of authority members sympathetic to our cause.

Submit motions to CO CONVENTIONS. Have them discussed and voted on.     All the way up to the top.   Two or three years we willl have what we want.

Or maybe the box makers will turn turtle.

Frank, Donegal

August 2017

We wait all year for our county teams to finish their championship and then our county board decide to fix the last game of the group stages of senior b competition on the Sunday of the all ireland hurling final. Showing total disrespect to anyone with a genuine interest in attending 1 of the biggest games of the Gaa year.

Anonymous, Louth

August 2017

My current frustration is a bit different to a senior club player. I was once a senior hurler and the same things are happening all these years later so im gonna leave those frustrations for the current senior hurlers/footballers to articulate.

My frustration is with the stop start way in which games are played, League games spread out over march to september with some of my league games this year being played after our championship exit, which to my mind are really meaningless especially when opponents are in the same boat and show up with 14 players 5 mins before throw in. I believe our games are too valuable to be treated in this way, I dont blame that club either, I would say that a league full of important and meaningful games should be played off before any championship sliotar is pucked. The inter county teams wouldnt tolerate fulfilling a meaningless league fixture after being knocked out of an All Ireland qualifier would they?

Having these type of games is not doing our games any justice at all and repeating this year in year out drives me crazy. If a league could be given a concrete fixture plan dovetailed with the football equivalent then I would envisage a very healthy meaningful competition one which every player and manger and coach’s would all respect.

Does anybody else think a league should be played off before the championship? If its good enough for inter county teams its good enough for me.

Shane, Cork

August 2017

Had to travel to Copenhagen for work purposes in June, with direct flights booked from Dublin-Copenhagen for a Sunday morning 4 months in advance of travel.

In April  we are told that a round of club championship has been fixed for that weekend. Book last flight out of Knock to London (5.30pm) to stay overnight with my brother and then fly to Copenhagen early on Monday in order to try and get to Copenhagen on time for work.

We are then told a week or two before the game that the game is fixed for 4pm on Sunday. I then have to book a further flight from Shannon, to where I rush after the game, which lands me in London after 12 at night. Get to my brothers by 1am, sleep for 4 hours and then get the train back to the airport to make the flight to Copenhagen.

All the extra flights booked came from my own pocket, leaving me over €400 out. If I had a fixture list at the beginning of the year I could have rearranged work schedule.

I have been waiting 14 years for the fixtures issue to be sorted, which it never will. This is my last year playing club football and I don’t blame all the lads who have left.

Ja, Mayo

August 2017

Our players are being asked to  play as if they were professional. These have been our fixtures:

Sat 12/08 County Senior Hurling v Burgess

Wed 16/08 Divisional Senior Hurling v Clonoulty

Sun 20/08 Divisional Senior Hurling v Kickhams

Wed 23/08 Divisional Senior Football v Arravale Rovers

Tues 29/08 County Senior Football v Loughmore

Divisional Hurling Final on either 2nd or 9th September

County Senior Hurling Q Final  17th September

We are a dual Senior Club & we are certainly getting a raw deal. So much for player welfare. The lads are not machines. The midweek games are the real problem with lads having to get time off work.

Prior to this glut of fixtures the last game we played was on June 18th.

Eileen, Tipperary

August 2017

We were notified one week before our preliminary round Junior football championship fixture.

Very poor planning and really not ideal preparation for the players

Peadar, Down

August 2017

Championship started good and early in April. In July, there was a 5-6 week break in championship with only league games. Most players holiday during this time so they’re difficult matches with low numbers, poorer team fielding and frustrations all around. The chopping and changing of codes is difficult to manage training wise. These past two weeks, we trained Tuesday, Thursday, had two players representing Limerick u21 on Saturday, football championship Sunday, training Monday, will have training Wednesday and hurling championship Friday. A ridiculous schedule, especially since in our club, its the same personnel, we do not have two teams, we have 20 odd players. Earlier in the year, our u21 club side were forced to play a fixture the day after two of them represented their county – a complete disregard for their commitment and welfare. It’s easy toss out solutions without thinking too much but nobody seems to be searching too hard (I mean the powers that are). Play out championships separately, football then hurling? Have group stages finished before breaks for inter county? Double up fixtures where possible (league and divisional)? Another nuisance is matches are scheduled for “week-ending”. If your game is on Sunday evening, it makes your weekend useless. I’m sure the vast majority of players love matches Friday evening, Saturday afternoon so they can enjoy what’s left of their weekend. We had a number of games on Friday night this year and it was great

Tom, Limerick

August 2017


Just a note to say how frustrated and victimized my senior team feel, players training since January the 8th for what 2 championship games the last game been the 22nd of april and also a league that has been thrown together fixtures all over the place,some teams had 3 league games played and others only 1

We’ve played 26 games this year thats including the league and championship the rest have been challenges,I have at least 6 lads that will quit the game next year

Our 3rd 4th 5th rounds of championship will be played each weekend after each other now,over the course of the last 16 weeks we have been informed by the county board that we MIGHT be playing round 3 if this and that happens,so in order for us to prep for that we have brought training up a notch at least 4 weeks before these so called fixtures,my players are just exhausted from these fake fixtures,its gone beyond a joke.

Its time for some strike action,otherwise our game that we love will be finished for club men like myself
Stephen, Waterford

August 2017

Twice this year we have played games on a Thursday night, one in league, one in championship. I can’t see why someone on the county board wasn’t able to think for one second and realise that clubs have players working away from home. In my club there are several players working in both Dublin and Cork. To ask these players to make a 4 to 7 hour round trip is ridiculous. The local paper called these fixtures “historic”. They were only a monumental pain in the h**e for the players who are away from home.

Anoymous, Leitrim

August 2017

Round 2 completed on June 17 so straight into round 4. Most likely date now looks like Sept 10 so effectively 3 months. Deadline for co final is oct 15 so if we keep progressing we will need play 4 games in 5 weeks. In that window many players will also be involved in hurling cship. Same every yr .. I’m packing up !!

Larry, Cork

August 2017

The dates for the round-robin games in the Senior Club Championship in Limerick were released in early February. However, these dates were defined as a weekend which meant the game could take place on the Friday, Saturday or Sunday. We generally did not find out until 2 weeks before the game when these games would actually take place which leaves very little chance to make plans around these games. What was most frustrating about this, was that many of these games took place on the Sunday evening which ruins the whole weekend.

Seamus, Limerick

August 2017

The club and intercounty calendar need to be separated and the dates for games needs to be fixed at the start of the year. Our club has 3 adult teams and we have to have at least 65 to 70 players to cater for this, because we’re missing 4 or 5 players from every Championship game because the schedule is so unpredictable which impacts on every team and means many guys who train hard all year might only get one or two games, especially on the Intermediate and Junior teams. I’ve been playing adult hurling and football since 2000 and club hurling and football is at its absolute worst from an organisational perspective and enjoyment perspective. I’ve played and been a selector / trainer / manager at every grade for my club and to say that players and mentors are frustrated is a huge understatement. I don’t blame the County Board, I’m sure they are doing their very best but it will never work while the games overlap and getting a month in April and a month in Septmber isn’t going to shorten the club players year. Nobody should be training for 10 months and playing important games in two of those months 4 months apart. I had to give up hurling for a couple of years because of work commitments, knowing I couldn’t commit to 10 months of training – if that was 6 or 7 I would certainly have played on. I think the CPA is a fantastic initiative but it needs to be strong enough to ensure Clubs and Club players are not an afterthought.

Micháel, Cork

August 2017

It’s extremely hard to book summer Holidays. You are given a set of dates for club fixtures at the start of the year but this could all change depending on how your county results go. A match could be brought forward two weeks or delayed two weeks and when you arrive back from holidays you may only have 1-2 weeks to prepare for an important game all because of a fixture change. I try book my holidays so that they (A) don’t clash with important club games (B) so that I have approx 3 weeks to prepare for a club game that could have a huge say on how the year goes for my club.

James, Kilkenny

August 2017

Pls can you consider most kids are  back to school till the 30th of August fixtures on the wk before are ridiculous trying to field teams non existent .

Eileen, Dublin

August 2017

Two county men . 19 of a panel. 4 star games. Relegation battle. Both men return injured. One long term.  After playing sigerson on a Friday and Saturday the county 21,s played him on the Sunday and he done his cruciate . Then they harp on about player welfare. County first,club a poor second and the player a distant third.

Ciaran, Monaghan

August 2017

Yyrone , county players have played 9/13 club league games…in tipp our hurling manager is ok for players to be released for a week, but any more he says is damaging and undoes their good work….utter rubbish

Ian, Tipperary

August 2017

I play on the C team for one of the large town clubs. I’m over 40 but still love playing and I’m fairly fit but I’m not good enough for the B team any more. There is a junior league organised by the county board and as they state on their website it is often described as “social football”. While it’s great to be playing, all we  have is a maximum of 6 games (could be as few as 3 with walkovers). The games  are not scheduled for specific dates and can be called off at any time. Last year, the competition started at the beginning of May and the fifth and final game was played in early October! Despite being one of the biggest clubs in the county, we are usually struggling for numbers as so many younger players have lost interest. One other reason in my opinion for the dropout is that the game is gone too serious. Even playing for the C team lacked the bit of craic that was there when I started. The manager took the competition very seriously while some of the younger players are very abusive to any team mate who makes a mistake. There is a strong need for real and proper social football and a GAA approved over 35/40 competition.

Michael, Kerry

August 2017

Every year first round is played in the middle of may and then no matter what happens there will not be another round until county teams are knocked out , we could at least have two If not 3 rounds played before clare even start and there’s definitely enough gap weeks to fit in a round of championship when you have a month between Munster semi final and final , the second round also should have a set date to accomadate players on j1s and travelling as when the county team is knocked out , it’s just sprung upon teams that there playing whenever and it mightn’t be enough time for these players to come back at least if it had a set date it’s up to the guys themselves to be back on time from there travels

Mark, Clare

August 2017

Cork drew their first round of championship back in 2013/2014? We were playing against a team that had a Cork player at the time. As a result, our game which had been fixed was pushed back 3 weeks. Now I understand that replays are possible but if there was extra time in the championship game it may not have ended in a draw and both teams wouldn’t of had to wait. By this stage we had trained since early December and by the end of June we still hadn’t played a championship game. There are many countless examples of this, some even for later in the year.

Max, Cork

August 2017

I have a wife and a daughter and we had a wedding of a friend in Spain on 15th July. The county board refused to indicate the date of our championship match until after the hurling munster final because it depended on that result (munster final was on the 9th of July I think)..we played our previous round a month before.  They could easily have said ‘ if cork win you will be playing on this date, If Clare win you will be playing on this date’. But they didn’t. I found out for definite on the 11th July that our match was to be on the 15th. My wife and daughter had to travel to Spain on their own and I missed the wedding because of the match. Outrageous stuff.

Barra, Cork

August 2017

Scheduled to play senior championship on Sunday having played on Wednesday evening, received notification on Friday morning (today)that the game has been brought forward to Saturday (tomorrow) to prevent us and our opponents knowing in advance the result of two games in the same group originally scheduled for the Saturday. Players organised work, family and other personal arrangements to suit a game on Sunday and are expected to tog out a day early with barely a days notice.

Anonymous, Westmeath

August 2017

Meaningless league fixtures .championship doesnt start till end of july. Training from march.

Tim, Laois

August 2017

Junior B club matches fixed for certain dates since the beginning of the year.

Senior club games either get moved to that date or were always meant to be played then.

Suddenly the Junior games need to be pushed out as clubs wont fulfill both fixtures on the same day.

This happened to another team but means we await the winners of that game to play our next round and now we will miss several players due to holidays.

In reality, the Junior B championship should be the easiest to run without any external influences disturbing it. County team, club Senior panel, etc

Chris, Limerick

August 2017

Every year in Meath club championship fixtures have been following the widely accepted format of 2-3 games in April/May, break in June/July and the remainder of 5 overall group games finishing in Aug/Sept. This predictable fixture schedule allowed us to enjoy June and July and go on holidays and play league in between. This year however the County Board in Meath opted for one game in June, 1 in July, 2 in August and the last in September effectively giving us no predictable break. This was rumoured to be as a result of the county manager wanting more time with the county lads – that made a difference in the end – and it left us not knowing when the next championship game was going to be played. Before Meath played Kildare we had no idea when our 2nd game was going to be played. If they won it would be played on X, if they didn’t it would be played at Y. You simply cannot plan your summer when fixtures are only known a week or 2 before the game.

This year they have also adopted the habit of fixing championship anytime from Thurs – Tues  Do they not realize some people work mid week in Dublin? They fix league games on Bank Holiday Mondays, champ on Tuesdays. In 2015 they fixed our County Final on a Bank Holiday Monday in October because it clashed with Rugby so they were hoping to get more of a turnout. Think of the amateur players you’re affecting and not the few extra quid you can draw in. As a result of this years fixture mayhem, I can’t envision me continuing in ’18

Russell, Meath

August 2017

Since Tipperary have been  knocked out of the All Ireland Hurling Championship on 6th August my club have played Hurling championship matches on 11th August, 16th August and 20th August. We have to play Football championship tomorrow 23rd August and next Tuesday 29th August. That is 5 intense championship matches in 18 days. We have picked up 3 dead leg injuries  along with 2 groin and hamstring injuries in the last week. Our team are down 5 regulars for football championship tomorrow night due to over playing in my opinion. If tipp were in all Ireland one match max would have taken place. Last year when tipp reached all Ireland we played no championship match (Hurling or football) from  7th of May to 7th of September  and then played 4 championship matches in 14 days. Frustrating times for club player.

Padraig, Tipperary

August 2017

In Down this week, dual clubs are being asked to field in championship in both codes this weekend. Bredagh and Carryduff face each other in Sunday in Intermediate Hurling Championship while their footballers play games in their respective championships on Friday night (Bredagh playing at 8.15pm).

The hurling game on Sunday is being played in Ballycran as a double header which means both clubs have to leave South Belfast to travel to the Ards Penninsuala for the game at 1pm. At 3pm in Ballycran, Liatroim Fontenoys face Kilclief Ben Dhearg. Both teams have to get the ferry over from Strangford instead of the games being played somewhere closer. Liatroim also have football Championship on Thursday night.

Clonduff played Kilcoo in senior football on Sunday night with the game going to extra time and finishing approximately at 10pm. After getting beaten they have a back-door game on Saturday which is do or die. They have at least a couple of dual players who will line out for their hurlers on Sunday also in a knock out championship game. Clonduff face Castlewellan in hurling with Castlewellan footballers also in action over the weekend.

This is absolutely crazy stuff.

Anonymous, Down

August 2017

Championship has started this week so we have no league fixtures for 2-3 weeks. There is no schedule in place to finish the league even though we have a game scheduled for the 22nd October. Club games were put off because of Down’s progression and now the county board will just have to manage week to week on fixture scheduling. This happens every year that Down progress through the championship. It leaves it extremely difficult to plan for work and other commitments.  – John, Tullylish GAC

June 2017

I’m a member of a hurling club in Meath and a couple of our players also play football for the county. On Tuesday June 6th, our county players were told by the county management not to play the first round of the hurling championship for their club. This, despite the fact that the fixtures were confirmed two weeks beforehand and were on the Master Fixtures Plan since January. This put our players in a terrible position and it’s against the ethos of the GAA. It was shocking that our club should not be treated in this way  – John, Meath

June 2017

As member of the Executive Committee of Duleek/Bellewstown GFC I’m writing in total exasperation at the way clubs in Meath are treated by Meath CCCC. Fixtures are fixed and changed without any regard for plans players might have. For example, in June a free weekend was confirmed and several players booked a weekend away but then at short notice, a round of championship games was fixed for following Thursday night. Players cancelled their weekend away and lost their deposits. To add insult to injury these fixtures never went ahead. This is no way to treat any player and something needs to done about the way the Meath County board goes about it’s business before there are no club players left in Meath – Gerard, Duleek/Bellewstown GFC

May 2017

In the Cavan Football league, a full round of league fixtures was due to be played on Saturday, May 20th, as per the county master fixtures plan. The fixtures were set at the county CCC meeting the previous Monday night as per usual process. A communication was sent to all clubs on Wednesday May 17th, at approximately 11pm as saying: “Hi All, Due to concerns over the growing number of injuries within the County Senior Panel and the unavailability of a significant number of County Players to their Clubs at the present time, this Saturday’s ACFL Fixtures have been postponed. Clubs not affected who wish to proceed may do so once agreed by both Teams.

April 2017

We only get to play 9 league games in the entire season. We played 2 of them over the Easter weekend, on Friday and Sunday. Our entire Easter weekend was compromised and by Sunday night, nearly one third of our league campaign was over. Playing two games in less than 48 hours is a disgrace. Where is the player welfare? It’s all about ticking boxes and having the schedule cleared in case the county team get on a run through the summer-  Shane, Sligo

December 2016

The idea of player welfare in the GAA is a myth. Tipperary showed complete disregard for the U-21 hurlers towards the end of last season. Toomevara and Kilruane drew a thrilling U-21 North final, after extra time, on December 3rd. As the nominated team from the north, Toomevara had to play the county semi-final the very next day. An absolute disgrace. If this kind of treatment continues, lads are going to walk away from the game, sooner rather than later. Shame on the GAA – Jack, Tipperary

October 2016

On October 16th, Claremorris and Ballyhaunis drew in a Senior Championship relegation Semi Final. There was no extra time and the replay was constantly pushed back, without much notice. It was eventually played on December 4th, 7 weeks later! Ballyhaunis lost the match and had to play the relegation final the following week, on December 11th. To treat players and important matches for their clubs with such disrespect is not what the GAA is supposed to be about! – David, Mayo